I’m not a huge American Idol fan. But this morning on the radio, I heard the studio cut of Sergeant Larry Platt’s runaway smash hit, “Pants on the Ground.” It’s good stuff.



Posted on: February 2, 2010

I am a 25 year old writer, teacher, and radical feminist. I am queer and a fat acceptance advocate.

The main purpose of this blog is just to write about whatever gets under my skin (in a good or bad way). In spite of never having enough time in the day, I suffer from a media addiction. This blog will address that addiction, as well as give me an outlet to apply feminist commentary to whatever I see.

Comment Policy: Comments I do not like will be deleted. If your comment is deleted, follow these three simple steps for recourse:

1. Go to wordpress.com

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3. Create a post detailing what I did and how it made you feel. Don’t hold back: remember, the surest way for people to tell you’re angry is to use slurs against my gender and sexual orientation.

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Any other policies that come up will be added here. For now, I hope you enjoy my blog.